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Healing for People of Color

Breaking the Cycle

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Understand the past to heal the present and change the future.​

Wednesday Nights at 7:00 ET

Starting May 5, 2021 

This special series for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and members of the Hispanic and Latinx community will treat the whole being: mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


In order to heal, we must break the cycle of internalized colonization and enslavement trauma for all people of color. 

In this series, we will look at: 

  • How we have been colonized

  • The impact of supremacy on your mind, body, spirit, and emotions

  • Spiritual healing from internalized racial, colonial/enslavement conditioning

  • What are the ways we have been conditioned to disconnect from ourselves? 

  • How do we bring back the pieces of ourselves?

  • How have you been impoverished by supremacy? 

  • Whose wealth is it? 

  • What at your true human rights?

  • Being of the Spirit

  • Meditations for inner freedom

We will establish healthy relationships with: 


Our Bodies

The People in our Lives




Our Vision for the Future

The Creative Source

Wednesday Night Course Dates:

May 5:

May 12:

May 19:

May 26: