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Race Literacy & Healing Courses

Information, Inspiration, Transformation, Healing

Our human family forms a global village. All members are important and need to be supported on this healing journey. These Race Literacy & Healing programs are open to ALL people, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, or other personal identities.

Introduced in June 2020, Race Literacy & Healing courses with Milagros on Mondays (formerly called "Lunch & Learn") have helped thousands of participants on their path to healing and understanding. 


Each week in this inclusive and growing community, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand the historical and systemic context of race

  • Develop greater awareness of personal triggers

  • Identify internalized oppression, regardless of race

  • Access innate gifts and healing states of consciousness

This work is extremely valuable for all people, but not all can afford the ticket price. If you'd like to join, but cannot afford to pay the $25 course fee right now, please fill out this ticket request form by 10 pm ET on the evening prior to the event. If you DO have available resources, please consider purchasing two or more tickets to help cover those who can't afford the investment. Thanks to those who paid it forward, over 500 people have been able to attend these workshops for free since June 2020.

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