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"What will you do today to change our collective tomorrow?"

- Milagros Phillips


For healing from Patriarchy, Racism & Supremacy


15 weeks to liberate your life!

Tuesday Evenings 7-8:30 PM EST

Feb 1 - May 10, 2022 

This powerful and transformative 15-week program is designed to lead you through the stages of healing as outlined in the book “Cracking the Healer’s Code: a prescription for healing racism and finding wholeness.” This program is designed to liberate mind, body, spirit, and emotions. 


Each stage has a corresponding state of consciousness and belongs to a different part of the body. Each has a corresponding teaching, and a life-transforming gift that allows you to make lasting changes in your life. As a human family, we are all experiencing the results of more than 600 years of violence and its ensuing trauma. But all is not lost. We can heal and reclaim the innate powers that are living within us.

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While this program is for everyone who has read “Cracking the Healer’s Code,” those who have been through the 2-day immersion will be able to apply the principles learned in this 2-day experience to deepen the learning.

In this 15-week program, each week builds upon the last as you:

· Walk through the 13 stages of healing

· Are coached through the problematic stages

  Enhance your relationship with your intuition

· Unpack the conditioning in your individual family

· Look at intimate relationships through the filters of the healing process

· Explore work relationships through the stages of healing

· Look for the gift in each stage

· See where you get stuck and why

· Gain a deeper understanding of your family’s ancestral trauma

· Learn techniques for settling ancestral trauma

· Look at the effects of childhood trauma on your current life

· Settle relationships with parents, even if they are no longer alive

I am excited to offer this program to all people who are ready to take their power back and transform from the inside-out

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Consider gifting this program to employees, family members and colleagues.


· This is a great opportunity for individuals and organizations that are committed to equity to make a vast difference in the lives of their employees.


· As an after-hour program organizations are invited to sponsor employees who would like to attend, and make scholarships available to community members.


You will leave this course with the ability to:

  • Recover the gifts behind every stage

  • Transform your view of yourself and “other”

  • Have the ability to heal your relationships

  • Understand the process of healing

  • Be able to apply the healing process of any area of your life, from personal relationships to money fears

  • Be the authority in your own life

  • Be able to access your wholeness from the inside-out

  • Enhance your love of self

  • Expand your spiritual connection and your connection to self, and others

  • Experience greater peace and Joy

  • Enhance your sense of fulfillment

  • Own your ability to access power-based states of consciousness

  • Experience freedom from the inside-out

Join us! Let's create a new vision today 
that can change our collective tomorrow. 

Reserve your space. Limited slots

Living Race Healer's Code

(virtual on Zoom)

Questions? Please reach out to us HERE

"This course was beyond amazing, thought-provoking, emotional, humbling, and ultimately freeing and hopeful."


"I loved the space of safety you created. The videos, the statistics, the stories, and the facilitated conversation was beyond sacred."

"This was an enlightening and beautiful course. Milagros, you are such a gifted speaker and teacher."

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