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"Healing is a path to wholeness."

- Milagros Phillips

Race Healer Courses

Racism is a deep historical wound passed on from generation to generation. It destabilizes, makes us fragile, stressed, and causes tremendous violence. 


These video courses with racial equity and healing expert Milagros Phillips draw on history, science, research and storytelling, providing vital context for our current racial crises. The courses introduce practices to transform racial conditioning, multicultural relationships, communities, and organizations.


Join us today - transformation starts with you!

"This course was beyond amazing, thought-provoking, emotional, humbling, and ultimately freeing and hopeful."


"I loved the space of safety you created The videos, the statistics, the stories, and the facilitated conversation was beyond sacred."

"This was an enlightening and beautiful course. Milagros, you are such a gifted speaker and teacher."

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