"What will you do today to change our collective tomorrow?"

- Milagros Phillips

Race Healer Seminars

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Race Demystified

A 2-day transformative seminar.

When it comes to race in America, we are all experiencing a 500-year old legacy of racism that has been handed down from generation to generation.


Whether you are a white person or a person of color, we all have historical wounds that affect our lives and our nation. We may feel overwhelmed, outraged, and paralyzed, but the power to transform is within us.


Now is the time to come together to learn, awaken, and heal.


Why would you come?

  • You get uncomfortable when race is mentioned.

  • You want to learn how to be a better ally and support to people of color.

  • You want to learn how to talk about and handle racial issues more effectively in your everyday life.

  • You want to start or deepen your own personal healing journey around racism.


Course objectives:

  • Understand the connection between the 4 dimensions of racism (institutional,      systemic, interpersonal and internalized) 

  • Learn how all of the 4 dimensions of racism impact you, & your organization 

  • Understand the 9 layers of healing, & how they apply to organizations and      communities 

  • Understand inter-generational and historical trauma and how it's passed on

  • Learn where you’re holding racism in your body 

  • Recognize and tend the historical wounds we all carry 

  • Explore the science of transmission of trauma and its role in our collective history 

  • Discover the compelling history needed to transform and heal 

  • Share insights and experiences that enhance the learning 

  • Learn about new research that takes you beyond a change of mind to a change of heart 

  • Change the way you understand and view race 

"This course was beyond amazing, thought-provoking, emotional, humbling, and ultimately freeing and hopeful."


"I loved the space of safety you created The videos, the statistics, the stories, and the facilitated conversation was beyond sacred."

"This was an enlightening and beautiful course. Milagros, you are such a gifted speaker and teacher."