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"What will you do today to change our collective tomorrow?"

- Milagros Phillips

Race Demystified 2-Day Immersion 

that will stay with you for years to come

A Powerful, Yet, Compassionate Approach to Healing

Our Racial Conditioning


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Do you shut down the moment someone wants to talk about race and racism?

When it comes to race, do you struggle with anger, rage, guilt, or shame?

Are you someone who believes in justice and equity, but when it comes to race you struggle to understand what can be done to make change happen?

Do you dream of a world where everyone counts, everyone holds value, and everyone can contribute their unique gifts? 

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500 years in

the making and passed through 


racism is a

historical wound

in need of healing.

While racism is not our generation’s fault, we all carry historical wounds from the conditioning of the race myth that need to be healed.

Race Demystified is a 2-day course

with a 20-year track record of success.

Grounded in history, science, research, and storytelling, this program will help you understand the complexities of race and racism as it exists today. 


You’ll receive information that fills in the missing pieces to the race puzzle and its impact on your personal and work relationships, communities, nation, and our world.  


The program's grounded, whole-person approach includes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions to help you heal from the inside out. 

Race Demystified is Milagros' Signature Course 

An expert educator, healer, speaker, and author on the topic and history of race and racism for over 35 years. Milagros will lead you through groundbreaking process that moves you from the historical context of our racial conditioning through the stages of healing to a plan of inspired action. 

In just two days you will quicken your process of understanding race, racism, and racial conditioning in a way that traditional DEI training takes years to achieve.

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Connect the past to the present.

You will learn the roots of racial conditioning and implicit racial bias through the context of history, research, science and storytelling to discover the connection between your personal racial history and our collective history. 

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Move from awareness to wisdom. 

No matter where you are on

your journey, healing is the

missing link between awareness

and action. It will reduce guilt, shame, and fragility giving you new ways of creating our future. You will never see race the same way again.

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Live in your

true nature.

You will leave with a stronger sense of connection to yourself and to others, and have more authentic relationships with people of all colors and backgrounds.

Now is the time.

People of color have been experiencing racial trauma since the first Africans were

trafficked to work in the Caribbean sugar cane plantations.


Our modern technology has given us access to witness this violence in a way that we haven't had before. We have collectively experienced that trauma on a global level and it has touched our hearts in such a way that we are finally ready to awaken and heal. 

Transformation Happens!
Join a community of people committed to healing their racial conditioning

"Milagros uses words and stories to transform and uplift understanding of race AND our deepest core beliefs. She transformed and simplified how I look at my own history and shadow work."

- Riva B.

"Milagros Phillips brings so much wisdom, love, knowledge, compassion and healing to this work. I experienced what feels like a multi-dimensional transformation on the levels of mind, body, emotion and spirit."

- Ames G.

Race Demystified is ideal for you if:​

  • You’re dealing with anger, and are sick and tired of having to deal with race.

  • You experience guilt, frustration, or shame when race is mentioned.

  • You want a better understanding of the history of race.

  • You want to feel more present and aware in  the race conversation. 

  • You want to be a better ally and support to people of color and aren’t sure how.

  • You are a person of color who doesn’t feel safe, or that you belong.

  • You want to learn how to talk about and handle racial issues more effectively in your work or everyday life.

  • You want to start or deepen your own personal healing journey around racism.

  • You want to contribute effectively to DEI initiatives in your workplace.

  • You want a better understanding of how racism impacts your organization and your bottom line.

"We specifically sought out Milagros as part of a DEI series to build awareness for our employees. We received a lot of positive feedback, not only about how Milagros brought a greater, more global, historic perspective around race and trauma, but also how she incorporated healing in her practice."


Allison Warren-Barbour

VP Human Resources, Premera Blue Cross

Is this anti-racism work?

No. While both anti-racism work and healing racism open you to the realities of racism and the need for change--healing racism is a grounded, whole-person approach (mind, body, spirit, and emotions).


Healing is for tending to the 500-year-old wound, opening it, cleaning it, and finally, perhaps for the first time, allowing it to heal!

In this program you will be encouraged to be authentic

in all of your emotions, because healing requires

vulnerability and we are most vulnerable when we feel safe. 

Healing peels away layers of racial conditioning. It sets you firmly on your path of liberation, and ignites inspired action.

You will leave this course with:

  • A new awareness of race. 

  • Greater comfort with the race conversation.

  • An understanding of how and why race affects your organization, your job, and your relationships.

  • Information that leads beyond diversity and inclusion to belonging, strengthening your DEI initiatives.

  • An understanding of the nine layers of healing and how it applies to other areas of life.

  • A stronger sense of connection to yourself and others. 

  • A personal or group plan of action.

  • A new sense of hope & vision for the future.

  • A feeling of wholeness and a renewed connection to the whole human race. 

  • A Certificate 

Join us to create a new vision today 

that can change our collective tomorrow. 

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Race Demystified 2-Day Immersion:


Questions? Please reach out to us HERE

"This course was beyond amazing, thought-provoking, emotional, humbling, and ultimately freeing and hopeful."


"I loved the space of safety you created. The videos, the statistics, the stories, and the facilitated conversation was beyond sacred."

"This was an enlightening and beautiful course. Milagros, you are such a gifted speaker and teacher."

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Art Director

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All participants receive a certificate.

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