Regena Thomashauer

"Milagros has created a two-day workshop called Race Demystified and The Healing Process. Each of us came away knowing one another and ourselves more deeply, and we came away understanding even better the tangled roots of Colonialism and racism, and — this is key — we came away having identified our individual places in changing the culture going forward, our unique parts in the untangling. What felt so big, so daunting, so impossible on Day One became begin-able on Day Two. We are grateful to Milagros for this meaningful, beautiful experience. Some of our team members are even planning to attend a second time, at her public event later this month. We recommend it so highly — if you will be in New York, bring your colleagues (maybe work will pay for it?), your partners, your friends. All people are welcome. The healing is for everyone.

And we think you’ll love her, too."

— Regena Thomashauer, School of Womanly Arts, NYC

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