About Milagros

Working with diverse groups including corporate leaders and members of Congress, Milagros has spent the past 35 years facilitating race literacy programs that inform, transform, and lead to inspired action. These programs are presented at educational institutions, corporations, and through public seminars. Milagros is a member of the American Ballet Theater (ABT) RISE Advisory Council as they create greater inclusion in the world of Ballet.


Milagros's work comes from lived experience and is backed by historical and scientific research. It comes from walking through the shadow to find her light, and in the process, helping others find theirs. What she brings to this work is great compassion, a deep understanding of race, and an awareness of peoples' individual and collective power. 


In her 35 years facilitating seminars, she found that people often lack the information with which to transform. Without the systemic and institutional background of race and racism, it is difficult to get beyond the personal. The missing information associated with race keeps us in a loop of endless repetition. 


However, we are not stuck. Race literacy and awareness puts us in the driver's seat of our lives and allows us to choose differently.


What makes her program unique? RACE Demystified is the only program on race that walks participants through the healing process.

Her background uniquely prepared her to do this work. Milagros's indoctrination began early as a Black, Latin Woman. She spent her formative years living under a dictatorship in the Caribbean and understands the various forms that oppression takes. She has experienced racism and prejudice in two languages, and understands the impact of both racism and colonization. Moreover, she is committed to compassionate transformation.


Personal and collective development is her calling. Understanding and healing racism is the work of her heart.

— Milagros Phillips

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