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Race Literacy

Race Literacy & Healing
Live Courses

Information, Transformation, Inspiration, Healing

Our human family forms a global village. All members are important and need to be supported on their healing journey. These Race Literacy & Healing programs are open to ALL people, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, or other personal identities.

Race Literacy & Healing courses are offered monthly. These programs have helped thousands of participants on their path to healing and deepening their understanding of race. 


Each program in this inclusive and growing community provides:

  • Understanding of the historical and systemic context of race

  • Greater awareness of personal triggers

  • A means of identifying internalized oppression, regardless of race

  • Access to healing states of consciousness

  • Continued support in transforming racial conditioning

Your donation helps us send our monthly newsletter, reminders for the Lunch 7 Learn, and special announcements.


Race Literacy work is invaluable to our community. To donate, click below.

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