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Milagros Phillips

Healing Racism from the Inside-Out

Race Demysitified

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This program is for the healing of the global family and you can attend from ANYWHERE in the world.

Race Literacy

Affectionately known as “The Race Healer,” Milagros has been facilitating programs for over 35 years on race literacy, racial conditioning, and healing from racism that inform, transform, and lead to inspired action.


Her programs are presented at educational institutions, Fortune 100 companies, corporations, and public courses and seminars.


A keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, three times author, and certified coach, Milagros' fourth book, Cracking the Healers Code: A Prescription for Healing Racism and Finding Wholeness, is due out in August 2021.  Learn More

"Healing is a doorway to wholeness, and we all need healing from racism."

- Milagros Phillips  

The Race Healer

"This was an enlightening and beautiful course. Milagros, you are such a gifted speaker and teacher."


"I loved the space of safety you created. The videos, the statistics, the stories, and the facilitated conversation was beyond sacred."

How is Race Affecting

Your Bottom Line?

Many socially conscious companies avoid addressing the topic of race, even when is at the root of problems such as hiring, retention, and productivity. Milagros will work with your leaders and teams to demystify race, heal racial conditioning, and assist your organization in becoming race literate, leading to an equitable workplace where everyone can thrive.

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